Stop using baby powder!

We all recognize the smell of baby powder.  Its always packaged in a cloud white bottle and smells so fresh.  Many women use it daily to help feel fresher.  It is used on babies all the time when changing diapers.  Most of these powders contain talcum.  In 2006, Talcum was classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a possible human carcinogen.  So why are companies like Johnson & Johnson, still putting Talcum in their powder?  Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson lost 2 multi-million dollar lawsuits that were awarded to ovarian cancer survivors.

I use powder on every waxing and sugaring client I see.  The powder I use is an all natural blend of potato, arrowroot and tapioca starches.  It has no fragrance, no aluminum, no corn starch and no talcum!  It is the perfect powder to use for prepping for waxing or sugaring.